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Boat Storage in Coastal South Carolina

Boating and fishing are terrific ways to enjoy our coastal areas and waterways in South Carolina. At Extra Room Self Storage, we believe in making life easier for our friends, neighbors, and customers by offering safe and convenient boat storage in Myrtle Beach, SC. Store your watercraft with us during the fall, and you’ll enjoy affordable options, reliable security, and easy access with your keycode! Our friendly on-site manager is always there to provide top-notch customer service.

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Convenient, Secure & Affordable Boat Storage in Myrtle Beach

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Our Myrtle Beach location spans 9 full acres, so we have plenty of outdoor storage for your boat and trailer. Aisles are wide for easy maneuvering as you move your sailboat in and out of your storage area. Individual storage spaces are long enough to accommodate most types of boats and watercraft, along with motors and trailers.

You can store your ski boat, sailboat, fishing boat, rowboat, and more with us during the fall and winter. We also offer secure yet easily accessible storage for kayaks, surfboards, paddleboards, and wakeboards, plus Jet Skis, off-road vehicles, and other outdoor toys, too. You can also rent parking for your extra cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and more in our outside storage areas. Whatever you need to store this fall, we offer the affordable solution you’re looking for in the Myrtle Beach area!

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Boat Storage in Moncks Corner, and North Charleston

In addition to our Myrtle Beach location, we offer limited boat storage at our other locations throughout Coastal South Carolina. Storing your boat at one of our outdoor self-storage lots in Moncks Corner, or North Charleston is a smart move for boat owners. It’s like having a safe haven for your vessel. No matter where you are in coastal South Carolina, we have a location for you. Space is limited at these locations so call today to see what we have available! 

How To Winterize Your Boat

If you intend to store your boat for the cold months of the year, it’s crucial that you properly winterize it in advance. Otherwise, you risk your boat coming out of the winter worse for wear, possibly even in need of repairs.

There are a few simple steps to the process; don’t skip any of them, or you may end up regretting it.

Replace the oil

The oil in your boat after a season of use has acids and moisture in it that could corrode the inner workings of your boat while it sits in storage. You’ll want to replace engine and gear oil according to manufacturer guidelines shortly before storing.

Drain cooling water

If temperatures drop low enough, the water used for cooling in your boat can freeze and cause damage, so you’ll want to clean, flush, and drain the system for the winter. Make sure you look up the specific instructions for your engine and follow them exactly!

Add fuel stabilizer

Fuel under normal circumstances can break down quite quickly, becoming a gummy mess that will wreak havoc on your boat when you bring it back out of storage. You don’t drain fuel away for storage, though; instead, you’ll want to add a chemical fuel stabilizer that will prevent that degradation for the winter.

This is important: You can’t drain your fuel and skip the stabilizer because the fuel residue inevitably left behind will be even more likely to deteriorate into gunk and cause problems.

Treat components with protective oil and grease

In winter storage, your boat’s normal mechanisms to stay oiled and protected won’t be in action, so you should do some extra work to protect your engine and any components that are supposed to be greased. A fogging oil spray across the exposed surfaces of your engine and a fresh application of marine grease according to your engine manufacturer’s specifications is thus necessary for a secure winterization.

Want to know more about winter storage for your boat? Contact the team at Extra Room Self Storage today by calling 843-236-9633 or reaching out to us online.

Why Use Self-Storage for Your Boat in Coastal South Carolina?

  • Keep your boat safe in our secure storage area, as opposed to your open driveway.
  • Keep your boat away from tree sap, branches, and other hazards at your home.
  • Comply with community or HOA parking rules.
  • Save your driveway space for cars.
  • Stop neighbors from asking to borrow your boat!
  • Keep your boat conveniently near the water in Myrtle Beach.
  • Save money over marina or typical dry-dock storage!

We recommend you wash and winterize your boat/engine if storing long-term and use your fitted boat cover. If you need more tips on storing your boat in Myrtle Beach this fall, contact our team today!

Why Choose Extra Room Self Storage?

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For your convenience and comfort, we offer:

  • Affordable pricing for boat storage.
  • Flexible short-term or long-term boat self-storage spaces.
  • Variety of large outdoor storage spaces to choose from for cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, and boats (at our Myrtle Beach location).
  • Also offering indoor storage units for your other belongings (in Myrtle Beach and North Charleston).
  • High security keeps your stored vehicles safe! Security measures include gated, key-coded access, excellent lighting, secure fencing, security cameras, and an on-site manager.

Extra Room Self Storage is the trusted local Myrtle Beach storage facility for boat and vehicle storage. Contact Extra Room Self Storage today. Or reach our Myrtle Beach location by calling 843-236-9633.