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Outdoor/Drive-Up Storage in Myrtle Beach, SC

Self-storage is an extremely efficient way to free up space in your home and keep your belongings safe. At Extra Room Self Storage, we have dedicated our services to providing residents in Myrtle Beach with affordable, dependable, and exceptionally secure storage options. If you’re looking for drive-up outdoor storage in the Grand Strand, you’re in the right place!

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What Is Drive-Up Storage?

Drive-up storage, sometimes simply called outdoor access storage, is actually quite straightforward. In fact, it’s what probably comes to mind when you think of self-storage. Drive-up storage is accessed outdoors, usually by actually driving your vehicle right into the gated facility. Set in rows, the units are essentially garage-style storage, with roller doors and space for a padlock or electronic lock on the exterior.

Why Choose Drive-Up Storage Units?

While indoor-access storage or climate-controlled storage are the ideal options for more sensitive materials and precious items, drive-up storage offers a very versatile and simple solution that can meet most people’s storage needs.

Drive-up outdoor access storage units provide a large number of benefits, including:

  • Easy, drive-up access for making unloading simple and fast
  • Outdoor access storage units are often much larger than indoor units
  • Drive-up/outdoor storage is the most cost-efficient storage option available

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Our Outdoor Storage Solutions in Myrtle Beach, SC

At Extra Room Self Storage, we are dedicated to making quality storage easy, stress-free, and dependable. Our outdoor storage units come in a variety of sizes, and they’re well secured with a combination of hardware and cutting-edge technology.

Our outdoor storage facilities are ideal for storing most items, including:

  • Boxes and totes of miscellaneous items
  • Holiday or seasonal decorations
  • Gardening supplies
  • Metal, plastic, and fiberglass furniture
  • Recreational tools and vehicles (bicycles, motorbikes)
  • Unused household appliances
  • And much more!

Whether you need temporary self-storage while you complete a move or you’re looking for a long-term storage solution to free up space in your home, we have you covered. Our secure, drive-up storage units in Myrtle Beach provide all you need to keep your items safe and secure until you need them again.

Is Drive-Up Storage Right for You?

It can be hard to know whether drive-up storage is the right choice for your storage needs if you didn’t even know storage units had different types before you read about it here.

To figure out whether drive-up storage is right for your specific needs, however, we need to go over the reasons you might want to choose another form of storage from Extra Room Self Storage instead. Drive-up storage units rarely offer as many of the special amenities you can see from equivalent indoor storage units, including climate control and improved security features. Outdoor storage units can be quite secure and safe for your belongings, but they’re not insulated from the elements, meaning stored items can end up dusty or damp, exposed to high and low temperatures, etc.

This is why we recommend drive-up storage primarily for storing larger, more resilient belongings. Drive-up storage is excellent if you’re storing seasonal decorations, recreational equipment, gardening or home improvement equipment, winter gear, or lawn furniture. It can be made safer for slightly more delicate items by making sure they’re wrapped and covered properly; well-insulated boxes and a tarp can go a very long way in making sure items in your drive-up storage unit stay in top condition.

Ultimately, however, we recommend choosing one of our other storage types for more delicate or high-value belongings. If you’re storing away heirloom furniture or a filing cabinet full of client information or business receipts, a climate-controlled unit is a sound investment to keep your property safe for years without worry — even if it does cost a bit more for the same amount of space and offer less convenient loading and unloading.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drive-Up Storage

Will my belongings get ruined in drive-up storage?

While drive-up storage may lack the climate-controlled protections that an indoor storage unit might provide, there are many ways to protect things you want to store to some degree. Be careful not to store anything that might be susceptible to even a hint of moisture, or long exposure to cold or heat, without taking proper precautions. When in doubt, ask a member of our team to help determine the most appropriate form of storage for your needs.

Are outdoor storage units secure?

Our drive-up storage solutions are properly secured against intruders with a code-locked gate and secure individual units. There’s not much difference in security between indoor and outdoor units under most circumstances.

What sorts of protection can I use to keep items stored in outdoor storage safe against the elements?

If you’re looking to protect against the elements, it’s important to think about what that means for individual items and what you can do against the likely threats. If it’s at risk of getting damp, being tightly wrapped in plastic bags or a tarp can help — all the more so if you combine it with well-insulated boxes or wrapping materials.

You should also check in on your property from time to time; a little attention goes a very long way in preventing problems with wooden or metal furniture or other items that might be largely fine but susceptible to corrosion or other damage over time. All this can’t make an outdoor unit equivalent to a climate-controlled one, however, so think carefully about what you want to store in which type of storage.

What should I not store in drive-up storage?

The biggest thing to consider is what effect temperature and moisture might have on what you want to store. Delicate, important paperwork should probably not be stored outdoors without careful precautions, while lawn furniture will be fine. Note that many chemicals, like glues, break down in extreme temperatures.