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December 2, 2021

6 Great Hiding Spots for Your Christmas Gifts

person holding a stack of Christmas presentsEach year, you spend countless hours brainstorming and buying the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list. The earlier you can buy your gifts, the better — but then you have to worry about where to store them.

This year, whether you’re simply trying to outsmart the cleverest of your bunch, or you’re working hard to keep the magic and joy of Santa alive, make sure you’ve got the perfect hiding spot to keep their gifts safe (and concealed) until the big day.

In the Attic

Children are sure to look in closets and under the bed, but they’re unlikely to make the trek up to the attic. The garage or basement could also work but be sure to package gifts in plain boxes so they don’t draw any attention.

Hidden in Luggage

Carry-on suitcases or large roller bags are excellent hiding spots for gifts, especially larger items that won’t easily fit in a box.

In Mislabeled Boxes

Your children are unlikely to go through boxes labeled with “Holiday Decor” or “Tax Files 2013-2020.” Making boxes with misleading labels is a great hiding spot for Christmas gifts.

In the Trunk of Your Car

Strategic family members may opt to look around for gifts while you’re not home. The trunk of your car or spare tire space provides a creative solution for taking the gifts with you when you go!

In the Cleaning Supplies Closet

Most kids hate to clean, making the cleaning supplies storage closet the best spot for hiding smaller gifts. Use a plain box or storage tote on the shelf behind cleaning solutions or under a stack of old towels. Your children will never know the difference!

In a Storage Unit

Sometimes, the best and most protected place to hide gifts from older children (or spouses) who are especially tenacious is completely out of the house. This holiday season, consider renting a secure storage unit like those at Extra Room Self Storage.

With a variety of sizes, locations, and climate-control options, you can collect, wrap, store, and organize all your gifts in one spot! You’ll even be able to wrap and label gifts ahead of time without drawing the attention of curious kids! Plus, you’ll be able to conceal even the largest or most awkwardly shaped presents!

For your best holiday hiding spot yet, rent a Coastal South Carolina storage unit from Extra Room Self Storage. Contact us online today!