Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage in Coastal South Carolina

Here in lovely, but often hot and humid, coastal South Carolina, climate-controlled storage helps protect your most precious belongings, keeping them safe and in great condition. Extra Room Self Storage offers a variety of sizes in climate-controlled storage units, available long- or short-term. Our climate-controlled storage provides you peace of mind that your possessions are properly preserved.

With 24/7 keycode access, you enjoy the best combination of convenience and security — at our four local storage facilities in Myrtle Beach, North Charleston, Pawleys Island, and Moncks Corner.

Looking to protect your most valuable belongings from the South Carolina elements? Contact Extra Room Self Storage for climate-controlled storage today.

How Climate Control Protects Valuable Possessions

moving boxes sprawled around a bright living room with a laptop clipboard and calculatorClimate-controlled storage units help protect your items from extreme temperature changes. These units stay between about 65 and 85 degrees, without significant humidity. With these storage units, you need not worry about decay, mold, and mildew of most delicate items. Our climate-controlled units may be a better option than storing in your unfinished basement or garage. (Remember, packing your items properly is also crucial for safe self-storage.)

What Can I Store in Climate-Controlled Units?

Some of the delicate items that may benefit from climate control in your storage unit include:

  • Electronics, Computers, Cameras: Items like photo equipment and accessories are pricey, so choose self-storage with climate control to keep moisture, condensation, and corrosion at bay.
  • Photos and Film: If you’ve ever seen curled, faded, and cracked photos, you know they have been exposed to heat, cold, and humidity/moisture. Keep these memories alive by storing in climate-controlled conditions.
  • Important Documents: Some paper items would be difficult or impossible to replace. Original birth certificates, diplomas, and more should be stored in an area with few temperature fluctuations and low humidity.
  • Leather and Fabric Upholstered Furniture: Cushioned furniture like sofas, couches, easy chairs, and recliners, can be damaged by moisture in the air. You could even end up with moldy, mildewed furniture or an insect infestation in your couch, thanks to our local humid weather. Opt for climate control to keep furniture in great condition.
  • Antiques or Fine Wood Furniture: Natural wood can warp or become misshapen due to moisture-caused swelling, if you keep it in an un-insulated basement. If you store it in your garage, exposure or a roof leak could lead to wood rot, ruining your furniture. At the very least, drawers or cabinet doors may not close properly — unless stored in climate control.
  • LP Records and Videotapes: Old-school record collections can suffer in the heat. Vinyl can melt and warp, ruining your favorite albums. Temperature changes and humidity can damage magnetic videotape and cassettes, especially when condensation forms. Choose climate-controlled storage.
  • Musical Instruments: Wooden surfaces can become dull and warped; joints can fail and strings can be damaged on a piano or guitar. Mold can attack clarinets, oboes, and other brass or woodwind instruments. If you have instruments to store, opt for temperature and humidity-controlled storage.
  • Wine: Fine wine often improves with age, but only when properly stored. If you don’t have a wine cellar in your home, protect your wine collection from heat and fluctuating temperature, in climate-controlled storage unit(s).
  • Collectibles: Any valuable collection you may have put together over time, like a stamp collection, baseball cards, or comic books, deserves climate-controlled storage. This way you can preserve both its sentimental and monetary value.

Extra Room Self Storage: Storage Unit Sizes

Extra Room Self Storage sizes and selection guide

Why Choose Extra Room Self Storage?

woman sitting on floor reading pages in living room around couch and moving boxes

  • Affordable pricing.
  • 24/7/365 access (Pawleys Island)
  • Flexible short- or long-term storage.
  • Variety of storage unit sizes and features to choose from, including climate control.
  • Packing supplies available.
  • Outside spaces for RV storage, vehicles, trailers, and boat storage (Myrtle Beach).
  • High security keeps your stored items safe.

Extra Room Self Storage is the trusted local SC storage facility, with affordable, climate-controlled units for personal, business, and vehicle storage. Contact Extra Room Self Storage today.