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Extra Room Self Storage & U-Haul – Public Storage® Comparison

What sets Extra Room Self Storage apart from our competitors? Our Customer Service, Fast and Friendly Service and Competitive pricing are second to none when we are compared to our competition including U-Haul®.

What really sets us ahead of our competitors like U-Haul® Storage, are our locally owned and operated facilities. When you call us you are calling a local facility in either Myrtle Beach, North Charleston or Moncks Corner, where each has been conveniently located. Have any questions about storage or the area? Extra Room Self Storage owners and employees can answer those questions for you because of their knowledge of your area, and are passionate about helping you find the perfect Extra Room Self Storage unit for your storage needs.

Check out the other great services that Extra Room Self Storage has to offer and find out why our facilities are the better choice for storage!

extra room self storage service comparison to uhaul competitive differentiators
extra room self storage service comparison to public storage competitive differentiators

How Extra Room Self Storage Services Compare to U-Haul and Public Storage® Storage

The Best Local Customer Service

Our locally owned and operated self-storage units are dedicated to helping customers with efficiency and no hassle when it comes to storing their belongings. We make sure of this by having our facilities in Myrtle Beach, North Charleston and Moncks Corner run by owners who care about your ease of moving your items into storage. Also, unlike being routed outside of the area when you call, you will be speaking with friendly and knowledgeable staff who know your area, and can help you get exactly what you need – when you need it. No questions asked.

Conveniently Located

Extra Room Self Storage has two facilities that are located in Myrtle Beach, North Charleston and Moncks Corner. When we take a look at our competitors at U-Haul®, they do not have facilities located in these areas. Extra Room Self Storage has the best of Myrtle Beach storage facilities as well. These self-storage facilities offer full and state-of-the-art service facilities, something no other competitor has.

Affordable Pricing

Extra Room Self Storage has affordable pricing for multiple sized units. We also offer Minico Self Storage insurance, a cost-effective insurance plan for your valuables that you put in storage.