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February 27, 2022

How To Maximize Your Storage Unit Space

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To reap all the benefits of renting a storage unit, you need to optimize and organize your belongings so they’ll remain in their current condition no matter how long you store them. That means utilizing all the unit’s space effectively and efficiently. We recommend you:

Declutter and Edit Your Belongings

First and foremost, go through your belongings and ensure what you’re storing is worth the space and investment being used to store them. If there’s anything you no longer want or need, it’s best to sell or donate it rather than letting it take up valuable space that you could use to protect a more cherished item.

Note that not everything can be kept in a storage unit. Avoid storing:

  • Live animals
  • Liquids or perishables
  • Explosives, flammable liquids, and fuel
  • Toxic materials
  • Items that need to be in a controlled environment

Clean and Protect Items Before They’re Stored

Dirty, damp, or broken items can quickly deteriorate in storage. Whether you’re storing appliances, out-of-season clothing, or electronics, it’s important to clean, dry, and repair your belongings before bringing them to your storage unit.

Similarly, be sure to pack and secure breakables and valuables carefully. Extra Room Self Storage has a variety of packing supplies on-site for your convenience.

Store Larger Items Strategically

When storing furniture or other items, disassemble anything that you can safely break down. A table, for example, will store more efficiently taken apart than it will if it is assembled.

Disassembly will also protect the integrity of your furniture, minimizing the stress of any joints from repeated handling. You can also protect and group furniture pieces with corrugated cardboard, plastic, and pallets. 

Organize Your Items With Future Accessibility in Mind

When you need to get your hands on something, you need to access it easily and quickly. Whether that’s once a year or once every five years doesn’t matter.

When organizing your unit, take a little time to create a mental or physical mapping of the space, keeping in mind:

  • Create zones in your storage unit by grouping items by the room they belong in or by function.
  • Use clear plastic containers that make identifying contents quick and easy. They’re also great for stacking!
  • Stack items you need to access the least at the bottom and toward the back of the unit.
  • Consider leaving thin walking aisles down the center of your storage space or between zones so you can view and access your belongings without emptying the unit each time.

Trust Extra Room Self Storage for All Your Storage Needs

Extra Room Self Storage has a variety of unit sizes available and locations in Myrtle Beach, North Charleston, Pawleys Island, and Moncks Corner.

Our expert and friendly staff are here to answer any questions you may have, and our unmatched security measures will keep your belongings and valuables safe.

Learn more about how you can maximize your space and ensure your belongings are safe and secure for years to come. Contact Extra Room Self Storage online or call one of our locations.