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March 3, 2023

How To Safely Store Your Holiday Decorations

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The holiday season is a magical time, but cleaning up can be a big job. One crucial but often forgotten task is safely storing your holiday decorations when the season is over. 

Storing your holiday decorations properly will help you keep them safe and organized and make them easier to access next year. When choosing your holiday decoration storage, here are some things you should consider.

Start Decluttering & Inventory Your Decor

The first step in storing your holiday decorations is to get rid of the items that are broken or you no longer want. It will help you organize and safely store your holiday decorations for next year.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by a number of decorations that need to be sorted and organized. But with a plan and patience, it doesn’t have to be a chore. 

Start by sorting decorations into categories and taking inventory of what you have; this will help with decluttering. If you don’t plan to use something again, consider donating it. Then, make sure your decorations are clean and properly stored, including wrapping fragile items in tissue paper and storing them in airtight containers. 

Finally, label each box with a description of the decorations it contains. Doing this will make it easier to locate specific items next year. Decluttering and inventorying your holiday decorations is a great way to organize and prepare for the next holiday season.

Choose Your Containers Carefully

When choosing the right holiday storage containers, it’s important to consider the type of containers you select. Clear, stackable plastic containers are the best choice for holiday storage. They are durable and allow you to see the contents inside easily. 

Also, labeling containers with the holiday or event that the items belong to is helpful when organizing them. This will make accessing items for a specific holiday or event easier. Keep safety in mind too! Be mindful of the weight of the items in each container. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom and lighter items on the top to avoid the risk of items falling out or containers becoming unstable. 

It can also help add a cushioning layer at the bottom of the containers for extra protection. Choosing suitable holiday storage containers will help make safely storing holiday decorations easier. 

Protect Fragile and Tangled Decorations

Fragile items add an extra layer of thought to storing your holiday decorations. To protect decorations like lights, streamers, garlands, and beads, wrap them and store them in a box or bag to help reduce tangling and knotting. Wrapping or winding them around a cylindrical object will also help keep them neat and untangled. Use twist ties or clips to secure the items in place. 

For items with string lights, try to avoid coiling them too tightly and use a smaller container or bag so they stay in shape. Finally, label your boxes and bags, so you know what’s inside each one. Fragile items can be safe in storage with simple organizational steps and care. 

Choose the Right Type of Storage

Safely storing holiday decorations takes time and organizational strategies. You want them to stay in top condition until you need them next year. If you’re short on storage space or want them out of the way, consider using a self-storage unit to hold your decorations. 

Self-storage is a secure and convenient way to store decorations. They are affordable and can be used for many different storage needs. For your holiday decoration storage, choose Extra Room Self Storage. We offer conveniently located state-of-the-art service facilities. We also deliver personal security codes for the gated system and affordable pricing.

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