June 13, 2023

Self-Storage Checklist Before You Leave for Your Summer Vacation

When the summer heat and humidity set in, it’s time for vacation planning. Whether you are renting out a beach house, going on a long summer vacation away, or escaping the heat at your vacation home, what happens to your belongings left behind? This is where self-storage comes into play. We have compiled a guide for vacation homeowners, renters, and long-term travelers, of the best self-storage tips, ensuring your property and things are well protected this season.

Practical Strategies for Vacation Home Owners

Owning a vacation home in a cooler region is a luxury, but managing your seasonal items can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. Here’s how you can make it a breeze:

  • Efficient storing of seasonal items: Instead of the tiresome routine of moving belongings back and forth between your primary and vacation homes, consider leasing a storage unit near your vacation home. This way, whether it’s your skiing gear or beach essentials, they’re available right when you need them.
  • Protection against the weather: Particularly during hurricane season, climate-controlled storage units prove invaluable in safeguarding your belongings. Take an extra step by investing in waterproof bins to fortify your items’ protection.
  • Assessing your storage needs: The nature and volume of your stored items dictate your storage needs. If it’s a boat or RV, a drive-up unit may be ideal. For sensitive items like a vintage wine collection, a climate-controlled unit would be more appropriate. A thorough evaluation is crucial.

Essential Tips for Vacation Home Rentals

When it comes to vacation rentals, your property’s appeal and storage management are critical. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Utilizing a storage unit to keep non-essential items out of sight helps maintain a clutter-free, inviting space for your potential guests.
  • Storing work-related items like cleaning supplies and extra linens at your primary residence may blur the line between personal and professional life. A separate storage unit helps maintain this balance.
  • Remember that self-storage expenses related to your rental business could be tax-deductible. To confirm, do consult with your tax advisor.

Storage Advice for Long-Term Travelers

The prospect of leaving your possessions behind before a long vacation can seem overwhelming. Here’s how you can mitigate this stress:

  • Evaluate the quantity and nature of the items you need to store. This inventory will inform the size and type of storage unit you’ll require.
  • Proper stacking of items can prevent potential damage and optimize space. Ensure heavier items are at the bottom and fragile ones are securely wrapped.
  • Procuring travel and storage insurance can add another layer of protection and peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances.
  • Choose a trusted individual — a friend, relative, or neighbor — to check on your storage unit periodically. They can report any concerns and help in maintaining the unit.
  • Set up autopay for your storage rent to avoid unintentionally missed payments. This is especially important when traveling with potentially irregular access to reminders or emails.
  • Detailed labeling simplifies the unpacking process upon your return. It’s also helpful if you or your designated person need to locate specific items in your absence.

Self-storage solutions offer far more than just extra space. They provide peace of mind that allows you to fully relish your summer, whether you’re nestled in a vacation home or traversing the globe. Use these tips to simplify and enhance your summer adventures with the help of self-storage!

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