North Charleston Seasonal Storage

Seasonal Self-Storage Solutions in Charleston

Do you have a garage so full of seasonal items you don’t have room to park the car anymore? Have you ever fought to keep your year’s worth of clothing, coats, footwear, and special occasion outfits packed into your closet or wardrobe? Would you like to reclaim an extra room that’s become storage—or maybe just make your storage closets a bit easier to navigate throughout the year?

Then you might want to consider the advantages of rotating seasonal self-storage at Extra Room Self Storage.

Why suffer a house full of clutter year-round, when you can reclaim your space with a quick trip to Extra Room Self Storage? Reach our North Charleston location at 843-501-7655 for inquiries, or reach out to us online.

Spring & Summer Self-Storage

During the summer and the spring, you probably don’t need to keep your home full of Christmas decorations, winter coats, heavy waterproof winter boots, and similar items. And that’s only a fraction of the items you’ll need stored if you keep decorations for other end-of-year holidays: Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving table dressings, New Year’s items, the list goes on and on.

By storing these items for the spring and summer months, you’ll open up plenty of space for everything you’ll need to welcome the warmer months of the year in comfort and style. And of course, when it’s time to bring those decorations out of storage…

Fall & Winter Self-Storage

Just as you don’t need a house full of plastic reindeer, Christmas lights, and spooky skeleton decorations in the middle of July, you don’t need Easter and Fourth of July decorations, beach clothes, inflatable rafts and pool noodles, shorts and halter tops, sandals and sundresses in the frigid depths of winter. Savvy dressers may go the extra mile of carefully storing winter clothes based on fashion concerns, not just temperature, of course.

If you’re not one to sit outside by a fire in the colder months, you might also want to stow away lawn furniture for the winter months, just to keep it safe and out of the way when rough winter weather rolls through.

Why Choose Extra Room for Seasonal Storage?

Extra Room Self Storage offers a wide selection of unit types throughout the year, including climate-controlled units, external spaces for storing vehicles you might not use at certain times of year, etc., all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Staff is always available to help you out, and if you need packing materials for safe Christmas ornament storage, supplies are available for purchase. Our pricing is highly competitive with all comparable storage facilities in the area.

Don’t delay! Declutter your home and put your seasonal storage items out of sight and out of mind until the appropriate seasons roll around. Dial 843-501-7655 today to contact our North Charleston location and learn more!