At Extra Room Self Storage, our storage solutions for residents and businesses are designed to meet the needs of the North Charleston community.

We’re dedicated to delivering the superior service and customized solutions you deserve. Our secure storage environment will keep your possessions safe and sound until you’re ready for them. 


Our climate-controlled storage units are engineered to protect your valuables from temperature fluctuations and humidity. Climate-controlled storage is ideal for storing electronics, wooden furniture, leather furniture, artwork, instruments, and other precious items.

Climate-controlled units are a cost-effective investment that protects your valuables from humid summers, chilly winters, and the problems temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause. We offer a broad range of sizes, making selecting the optimal storage unit for your needs easy. 


Our outdoor/drive-up storage units are the optimal solution for heavy items, large items, bulky furniture, and more. Our secure site is well-maintained and easily accessible when you want to deposit or retrieve items from your storage unit.  

Contact Extra Room Self Storage today to learn more about the outdoor/drive-up solutions we offer in North Charleston.


We know it’s not always possible to store your vehicles at home. To make it easier to enjoy the extra cars you cherish, we offer secure storage for a variety of vehicles. Our vehicle storage options will ensure your vehicle is well-protected and ready to use whenever you need it.

Our site has state-of-the-art security features that include 24/7 video surveillance, personalized access codes, strategic design, and more for exceptional safety and security.

Our vehicle storage solutions include:


We know the importance and value of education, and we proudly offer solutions customized to meet the needs of students. Whether you’re taking off for the summer or heading out for a study abroad program, our student storage solutions will keep your possessions safe until you return.

We offer student storage units in various sizes, which makes it easy to select a unit seemingly custom-built for your needs. Plus, with our 10% discount for students, you can rent the storage unit for as long as needed.


We offer a full range of business storage solutions for commercial clients in North Charleston. Whether you need to store office supplies and old files, warehouse inventory, or office furniture during remodeling, our business storage units are the ideal choice. 

Our business storage units are available in various sizes. We’ll ensure you have the optimal solution for your needs. Most importantly, our 24/7 accessibility ensures you can retrieve or deposit items at the most convenient time for your schedule.


Extra Room Self Storage is your one-stop choice for top-quality storage in North Charleston. When you need climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage, business storage, student storage, etc., you can rest assured we have the solution for your needs and budget. 

When you choose to store your belongings in our secure facilities, you can rest assured we’ll always provide the safety, security, and responsive service you deserve.

Maximize your space by contacting Extra Room Self Storage and learn more about the self-storage solutions we offer residents and businesses in North Charleston, SC.

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